TBI-CareQOL is a patient-reported outcome measurement system developed specifically for caregivers of people with traumatic brain injury.

Introduction to TBI-CareQOL

Obtain and Administer TBI-CareQOL

Development of TBI-CareQOL

Complementary Measures

Find out the basics of TBI-CareQOL, the benefits of using this system, who can use it, and the domains it covers.

Download the TBI-CareQOL measures, understand how to administer and score them, and learn how to present results in publications.

Read about the science behind TBI-CareQOL. Learn how TBI-CareQOL was developed and validated.

Discover other measures that have been validated in caregivers of individuals with TBI from the PROMIS® and Neuro-QoL™ measurement systems.