Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of using TBI-CareQOL? 

It is free to use TBI-CareQOL, but please include a citation for any TBI-CareQOL measures used in a publication. You can find the publications list here.

Who should complete the TBI-CareQOL measures? 

The TBI-CareQOL measures should only be completed by caregivers of an individual with traumatic brain injury (TBI). They should be completed without assistance from anyone else. There are no data for using the TBI-CareQOL measures as a proxy assessment.

Can I modify the TBI-CareQOL items? 

No modifications should be made to the text and responses of the TBI-CareQOL items. The text and responses of TBI-CareQOL items cannot be altered in any way and still be considered an TBI-CareQOL item. If users modify the items, they cannot refer to these modified items as TBI-CareQOL. There are no data to determine whether or not a modified version would have the same psychometric properties as the original TBI-CareQOL item. 

What is the original source of language of the assessment?

English (USA)

TBI-CareQOL is apart of the HealthMeasure system, please click here for additional information.