Presenting Results

Use the Correct Measure Name

Use T-Scores

Cite the Measure

Please include a citation for any  TBI-CareQOL  measures used in publications. If using a short form, please cite the publication describing the development of the full item bank. You can find the TBI-CareQOL publications here.

Describe Modifications

The text and responses of TBI-CareQOL items cannot be altered in any way and still be considered an TBI-CareQOL item. Users are welcome to modify the items, but cannot refer to these modified items as TBI-CareQOL.  There are no data to determine  whether or not a modified version would have the same psychometric properties as the original TBI-CareQOL item.  If you do choose to modify items, please clearly specify how the items were modified in any publications or other publicly disseminated products.  Any changes to the syntax, including time frame, item text, and response options should be clearly described.

Ask for Permission to Reprint a Measure

If you would like to reprint an TBI-CareQOL measure in a publication, please email a request to  for written permission.