Obtain and Administer TBI-CareQOL Measures

The TBI-CareQOL is the first PRO assessment in caregivers of people with TBI to utilize item banking and CAT methodology. The TBI-CareQOL measures are publicly available free of charge without licensing or royalty fees and are intended for use in research and clinical practice.

TBI-CareQOL offers two types of instruments:

Short Forms

Fixed set of 3-6 items or questions for one domain. These can be administered electronically or on paper. Each short forms requires approximately one to two minutes to administer.

Computer Adaptive Tests (CATs)

Items are dynamically selected for administration from an item bank based upon the respondent's previous answers.

TBI-CareQOL offers two forms of administration:

Computer Administration

TBI-CareQOL computer adaptive tests (CATs) require computer administration. TBI-CareQOL CATs and short forms are available in:

Paper Administration

  • Download a zip file of all TBI-CareQOL measures here or the individual measures in the table below.

Best Practices in Administration

  • TBI-CareQOL self-report measures are intended to be completed by the respondent without help from anyone else.

  • The text and responses of TBI-CareQOL items cannot be altered in any way and still be considered an TBI-CareQOL item. If users modify the items, they cannot refer to these modified items as TBI-CareQOL. There are no data to determine whether or not a modified version would have the same psychometric properties as the original TBI-CareQOL item. If you do choose to modify items, please clearly specify how the items were modified in any publications or other publicly disseminated products.

IMPORTANT: Please include a citation for any TBI-CareQOL measures used in publications. If using a short form, please cite the publication describing the development of the full item bank. Citations information can be found HERE.

  • Use the table below to find the specific measure you need. You can download the PDF of the full item bank (if available) or the short form or scale. Each short form or scale requires approximately one to two minutes to administer. See scoring page or user manual page for scoring information.